Horticulture Class
Roland-Story High School

Class Syllabus

Upon competition of this Unit, the student will be able to:

1. Explain what is "horticulture" and the segments of it.
2. Identify the major parts of a plant and explain their functions.
3. Explain the seven methods of plant propagation.
4. Identify methods of controlling pests of plants.
5. Design and implement a container grown planting.
6. Plan a landscape using design techniques.
7. Determine proper fertilzier and chemical needs for plants.
8. Identify appropriate plants to use in landscapes.
9. Identify major horticultural regions and plants they are known for.

Semester Class Assignment List:

Study Guides are for the week, with Tests at the end of that week.

study guides
Vocabulary Study Guides
activities and
review games

Plants for week
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Week 3



Week 4

Week 6


Landscaping Unit

Trees and Shrubs of Iowa

Study guide

Evaluation 1 and

Evaluation 2 and

Design 1 Assignment

Design 2 Assignment

Design 3 Assignment

Landscape Problem Solving

Landscaping Notes

Problem Solving Quiz


Semester Test part 4





Trees of Iowa




Maps: United States, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia , Iowa

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